Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Hanging Plates

I collected these plates and trays with the idea that someday, when I had enough they would fill our very empty dining area wall. The collecting was going pretty slowly...until today when I found the final three plates for only one dollar each! Woohoo!

They are a random assortment of metals, and some are in bad need of a polish, but I am not going to polish any of them, partly because I think I like the added "patina" and partly because I have no desire/time/patience to keep up with polishing! 

I thought I might use plate hangers to get them on the wall, but then I found some Command hangers that are meant for heavy pictures. Command hangers are WAY better than regular plate hangers because they mean I don't have to do any measuring. I can just start throwing the plates up on the wall and move them if I need to!

Ideally, we will someday have a great big table to add to this room as well. The one we have now is pretty small for the space.  

But it functions just fine :)